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I had piercings from other stores (internationally and out of state), but this store is honestly the best one I have ever visited! 
Every worker here was professional, kind, and ridiculously friendly.
Was provided with everything I needed for a cheap price (cheaper than rivaling stores with top notch service. The back where they do their piercings is ridiculously clean. Everybody wears gloves and sanitizes!) 
Definitely 10/10. Would recommend this place to friends and family!

I've been thinking about getting a helix piercing for a few weeks, and I've always passed by this place whenever I came to the mall. 
I came in since I was already there and decided to get a helix piercing very spontaneously. 
It wasn't busy, so I was able to do it right away. The workers were very friendly and helpful while I was trying to decide on whether or not I wanted to do it. The actual piercing process was very quick and easy. 
Overall, my experience was very good, specially for my first piercing. I do hope to come back here to get more piercings in the future!

This team was amazing! I had heard about the Daith piercing from a good friend & they knew exactly what it was & executed it with the utmost professionalism & integrity! Extremely personable & kind!! Just an amazing experience! I highly recommend!!

Lolly M. Round Rock, TX
It was 11:30a Sauturday, November 26th morning; rain in the forecast. My niece & I along with her mom and my daughter walked into Lulu's like any other day. Little did I know that I was about to receive the most fun, exciting, knowledgeable, and friendly PIERCING SERVICE EVER. ANGIE is THE best piercer EVER!!! I will always get any future piercings from Angie; no mater that I live in Texas, I will go the distance!
Cindy N. Garden Grove, CA

Friendly staff 
Came in to get my snake eyes piercing, I'm so glad I found them on yelp, they have a large selection of body jewelry and you could add them on snap and see your whole piercing experience, first time here, 10% off if you check in with Yelp.

Vanessa M. Fullerton, CA

Came in for a last minute piercing for my birthday and everyone was nice & helpful. The process was explained to me very clearly aw well. I was in and out in minutes. Recommend it.

Frida G. Anaheim, CA

Got my septum pierced here was pleased with everything really nice and fun people would totally recommend this place 100% (:

Gretel R. Anaheim, CA

I love this place! I have gotten my belly, nipples and septum piercing in here. I love how the guys make it very fun and professional! I would definitely recommend this place to anyone that wants to get pierced. The place is clean, cool and comfortable. I love how you can be on snapchat.

Justyne L. Huntington Beach, CA

Me and my boyfriend came in to get a septum fixed. they gave us a lot of information and helped us out . Angie was amazing !

Priscilla W. Fountain Valley, CA

I've received 5 piercing from here!  I was so happy with how everything turned out that I had to bring them cupcakes from my shop! 🙂 - Winner of Cupcake Wars Season 3 "Bubba Sweets"

Kendall W. Westminster, CA

I just had my (first) nose piercing done here at 1pm, the time they start doing piercings on Saturdays. The front desk guy was extremely nice, welcoming, and informative. He definitely made me feel very comfortable and excited about my impulsive decision to get this done. Haha. After I signed some paperwork and picked the jewelry (which is included in the $30 cost), I was taken back to the piercing room and had my nose pierced within 5 minutes! The actual piercing was quick and relatively painless. I am super happy with how it came out and I will definitely be returning here for future piercings. Thanks Lulus!

Alexis C. Stanton, CA

Nice chill spot to come get your ears pierced. Very professional and laid back, they were willing to answer any question I had.

Michaela W. Cypress, CA

Absolutely love my nostril piercing, nice jewelry and very friendly costumer service. Will for sure be coming back & recommending this place to others. Thank you so much!

Chasity S. Torrance, CA

Nice people!  Very nervous when I went in and came out smiling :). Everyone seemed to know what they were talking about and the best part was the great pricing.  Thank you!! I will definitely be back

Patricia A. Santa Ana, CA

I went to get my nose pierced a couple hours ago and the staff are very friendly.  The staff that pierced my nose was friendly and very knowledgeable and I appreciate her service.  The prices for piercings are reasonable and the business originated in Norwalk and still exists.  This particular location is closest to me.

Tracey C. Fountain Valley, CA

I went to get my nose pierced today! The workers there were friendly and I got it done pretty quickly. The service there was great and I'd definitely go there again to buy some more studs.