Piercing Aftercare

General healing time for all piercings is 4-8 months. Healing varies with each individual, their body and the type of piercing(s) they received.
Physical activities such as working out or playing sports. Water activities such as swimming, surfing, and diving. Avoid submersion of water such as going inside hot tubs, etc; In addition, avoid all contact (touching or playing) and sleeping on your piercing(s). Be cautious during your daily routines and try not to have it yanked, smacked or pulled on. Doing so will cause complications, pain and even possible scarring.  Ignoring any issues or concerns you may have from your piercing(s), “Google-ing” and asking friends or “so-called piercing experts”, if you have any questions or concerns call or visit us.
During the healing process of your new piercing(s) you may experience but are not limited to; redness, swelling, tenderness, and pus/discharge from the piercing(s). If you notice a fever, drainage that smells or contains pus from the procedure site, or streaks running toward your heart from your piercing, Go to the emergency room immediately.
Clean piercing(s) once-twice  a day with an Antimicrobial Soap.
Step 1. Wash your hands.
Step 2. Put a drop of soap into a 3oz dixie cup and fill it with water.
Step 3. Mix for about 10-15 seconds 
Step 4. Gently clean the inside, outside and around your piercing(s)
Step 5. Gently rinse off all the soap thoroughly with water
Step 6. Dry the area with a clean paper towel. 
Step 7. Leave it alone!
Clean piercing(s) two-three a day with Saline Solution.
Step 1. Use a saline solution two-three times a day.
Step 2. Spray onto a gauze or Q-tip .
Step 3. Gently clean the inside, outside and around your piercing(s)
It’s not recommend to spray saline directly onto your piercing(s) and don’t wash it off.
Step 4. Leave it alone!